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  • Experience of 10 years & 500+ kundali analysis.
  • Expert in child birth,marriage, divorce, transfers, profession, Visa,loan,house purchase ,court case and more.
  • 500+ satisfied clients in India, Singapore, Australia, UK,Dubai.
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Ancesteral Healing
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She is an Astrologer, Numerologist and Vastu Consultant with an excellent understanding of Human Psychology. She has 11 years of experience in Astrology. She specialises in Love-Relationship Problems, Match-Making, Marriage Troubles, Children, Education Prospects, Medical Risks, Career Forecasts and issues.Her strong spiritual basis helps him to perceive the problems unconventionally. Her approach to counselling is unique as he combines the sciences of astrology with ontology (Science of being) and thereby, providing holistic solutions to address the actual deep-rooted issues rather than symptomatic solutions to present problems.She is also expert in Palm Reading, Taro Card Reading,Master Cardo, Past Life Reading, Angel Card Reading, Chakra and Mantra Healing

Remedial Solutions for all your problems

  • Detailed Answer To Your Problem Know the exact Reason behind the Problem based on your Birth Chart
  • Effective Solutions To Boost Your Business Remedies to get reduce the effect of Problems and Boost your Business.
  • Guidelines From Expert Remedial Suggestions by Experts with over 20 years of experience solving Business related Issues
  • The Personal Touch Reports are fully Personalised, Customised to address the Issues in your Business

How Is Our Guidance Helpful?

  • The remedies are 100% applicable to your life and situation, and would thus help you harness your real potential.
  • You will be able to put right the foundation of your life and business.
  • You will feel a positive difference in your attitude and would, thus, feel more confident and in-control.

Above all ,the roots of problems exist somewhere in our family that is called pitradosh ,kalsarpa dosh,devi dosh,guru chandal dosh*and many more which is the major cause of our sufferings and problems.
These problems can can identified by the birth chart and we provide the proper solutions with puja and jaap.

We also provide customized services for :

  • Pitradosh puja (bodhgaya)
  • Kaal sarpa puja (ujjain)
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is this report based on?Like all other reports, the Remedial Solutions  is a 100% personalized report, based on your Horoscope. Your Personal Horoscope is unique, and it will form the basis of all the analyses and suggestions for the remedial solutions. You can choose any one or more that suits your case, and apply to get great benefits.
  • What if I would like to get a Remedy (a talisman or something) suggested in the Answer to my report?We suggest two types of remedies through this report – zero cost remedies and the remedies which you will need to buy and institute/ wear to get benefits. The Yantras, Gemstones and Rudraksh that we suggest are available with These certified and attuned remedies can be bought from Our Store section.
  • I have certain other specific issues regarding my long-term wealth situation. Will you suggest some other report?You can opt for one of our customized Business Reports – they are available in 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 year formats.

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