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    Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Abhimantrit / Energized


    • Blue Sapphire or simply Sapphire is a Precious Stone, called Neelam Stone in Hindi.
    • Blue Sapphire Benefits:
    1. Most powerful Astrological Gemstone related to Saturn planet.
    2. It is the most talked about gemstone because of its drastic & extreme effects.
    3. It blesses a person with immense good luck, wealth and prosperity.
    4. It is worn by most famous people as It provides rare ideas, innovative mind power and exceptional skills.
    5. This gemstone provides protection from misfortunes, accidents and unforeseen dangers. People from creative fields, who desire fame, should wear this gemstone.

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    Blue Sapphire (Neelam) Abhimantrit / Energized – Srilankan Origin 6.6 Ratti


    Blue Sapphire or simply Sapphire is a Precious Stone, called Neelam Stone in Hindi.

    Blue Sapphire Benefits
    Blue sapphire (meaning Neelam in Hindi) is quite popular and known as Neelamani, Indraneel, Indraneelam, Neela Pukhraj etc. in the eastern world. People lend enormous faith in this gemstone for its ability to resolve financial, professional and psychological problems encountered during the tiring phase of Shani-Saadesati.

    Instant success in business, jobs and independent projects – Saturn is known to compensate the person with just rewards. Professionals or businessmen facing stagnancy in their careers, can break the deadlock and turnaround their fortunes in no time by wearing blue sapphire.

    Surging Fortunes – One of the most rewarding benefits of blue sapphire is the instant reversal of sliding fortunes. Neelam rashi ratan strengthens the weakened Saturn, thereby blessing the person with abundant opportunities to create and manage wealth.

    Extended Fame & Popularity – Be it a creative endeavor or a political ambition, Blue Sapphire benefits the wearer by making his talent and hard work recognized by the relevant communities, bringing him fame and fortune.

    Reoriented Discipline, Patience and Detachment – Saturn is known to inculcate discipline in native’s lifestyle and makes him focused, determined and progressive towards work. Benefits of Neelam gemstone are reflected in the rewards gained as a result of evolved work ethics of the wearer.

    Stronger Mind, Bones and Senses – Neelam benefits the wearer by healing his joint pain, gout and arthritis and keeping sensory organs in good shape. It tranquilizes the mind and relieves people of confusion, anxiety and depression.

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