• JiPanditJi Designer Brass Plate / Brass Bhog Plate

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    • Product: brass – thali
    • Heavy in weight
    • Engraved flower design
    • Washable product
  • JiPanditJi GANGAJAL for Pooja-Pure GANGAJAL (1 LTR) in Copper Bottle

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    JiPanditJi GANGAJAL for Pooja-Pure GANGAJAL (1 LTR) in Copper Bottle

    When we are doing any kind of worship , the GangaJal we use, it should be in its pure form.So To keep the purity of the GangaJal intact, it should not be kept or preserved in Plastic Bottle.

    Keeping in mind, we at JiPanditJi , bring you , purest GangaJal from Gangotri itself , in Copper Joint Less Leak Proof Digital Print Bottles.

        • Pure natural Gangajal
        • Packaged near the origin of river Ganges at 8500ft height in deep Himalayas
        • Get the image of your dear Deity/God printed on the Bottle without any extra cost.
        • Shipping free across India
        • This holy water is made available in its purest and existing form. Gangotri Gangajal is kept untouched from human hands.
        • Gangajal is not treated artificially/chemically in the whole procedure, so that its sacredness is not spoiled. Our constant endeavor is to deliver divine Gangajal at your door step.
  • Marigold / Gainda Flower Garland/Mala Subscription

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    Marigold / Gainda Flower Garland/Mala

    • The Garlands which we deliver to you are made from Fresh Flowers.
    • These Fresh flowers are grown in our own farms and facilities.
    • No Chemicals or pesticide were used while growing the flower plants
    • All of our garlands are well designed and each leaf and petals are carefully placed into precise positions to create a beautiful product .
    • We deliver daily fresh flower garland/Mala at your doorstep without any shipping*.
    • Delivery is scheduled everyday between 5-6 A.M so that you receive these garlands and mala well before your puja time.
    • Even you need not to worry about the Flower waste, We will collect previous days waste when we deliver the fresh one to you daily.
    • Complimentary Lemon and Chillies ( Nimbu mirchi ) for good luck will be additionally delivered to you every Saturday.
    Disclaimer : The color of the actual product may vary slightly , but we guarantee the freshness.
    *We are delivering to Delhi NCR only for other cities, personalized delivery can be booked with additional shipping charges.

    Marigold / Gainda Flower Garland/Mala Subscription

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  • Nariyal with zipper for prasad

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    This natural coconut crust holds several items which can be distributed as Prasada to the devotees after performing a ritual/puja. The nariyal is zipped to secure the items.

    The items inside the Nariyal are:

    • Sandal paste – for use in prayers
    • Ganesh, Laxmi and Saraswati coin – for good luck. Keep this in prayer altar or cash box
    • Prasada – Sweet offerings used during prayers. Consume this for blessings.
    • Mauli (Kalava)- Holy thread to tie around your wrist (right wrist for males and left wrist for females).
    • Attar- Perfume for applying to deity idols and deepen your meditations.
    • Gomukhi with Rudraksha mala- Energized during prayers.
    • Peacock feather – Keep for protection and good luck in a vase near your work desk
    • Vibhuti: Holy ash from Havan for applying on forehead.

    Weight: 300 grams approx

    Spiritual significance:

    It can also be distributed to other devotees on any religious occasions

    • Distribution in mata ki choki, bhagwat and festivals etc.
    • Welcoming guests in spiritual occasions, yatras ike vaishno devi.
    • Disturbing gifts at bhagawat saptah, mata ke choki, navratra, janmastami, ramnavi.
    • A spiritual gifts to welcoming and distributing devotees.
    • A Respect and sign of respacteness to peoples at special occasions and pujas.

    Nariyal with zipper for prasad

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  • Puja Samagri Subscription from JiPanditJi

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    Puja Samagri Box with 15 Divine Items.Along with unlimited Supply of DhoopBatti/Agarbatti*

    Items in the Box :
    • Ganesh, Ganpati, Brass Statue Indian Ganesha,Solid Brass Sculpture Artifact, Valuable Collection.
    • Hindu Pooja Lota Kalash – Brass Vessel Handmade for Hindu Puja.
    • Pure Brass Thali, Best Quaity, 100% Pure Brass.
    • Brass Metal Tortoise/ Kachua Of Good Luck Sign/ Wish Fulfillment Gift/ Showpiece/ Home Décor/ Temple/ Vaastu Feng Shui Item
    • Shri sampoorn Yantra for Money, Success and Achievement
    • Brass Agarbatti Stand, Agardaan, Incense Holder with Detachable Base.
    • Gangotri Gangajal Bottle |Aarti Book | JipanditJi Dhoop
    • Jipanditji Agarbatti. | Roli | Moli | Kapoor | Beads Mala

    Puja Samagri Subscription from JiPanditJi

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