• Marigold / Gainda Flower Garland/Mala Subscription

    Marigold / Gainda Flower Garland/Mala

    • The Garlands which we deliver to you are made from Fresh Flowers.
    • These Fresh flowers are grown in our own farms and facilities.
    • No Chemicals or pesticide were used while growing the flower plants
    • All of our garlands are well designed and each leaf and petals are carefully placed into precise positions to create a beautiful product .
    • We deliver daily fresh flower garland/Mala at your doorstep without any shipping*.
    • Delivery is scheduled everyday between 5-6 A.M so that you receive these garlands and mala well before your puja time.
    • Even you need not to worry about the Flower waste, We will collect previous days waste when we deliver the fresh one to you daily.
    • Complimentary Lemon and Chillies ( Nimbu mirchi ) for good luck will be additionally delivered to you every Saturday.
    Disclaimer : The color of the actual product may vary slightly , but we guarantee the freshness.
    *We are delivering to Delhi NCR only for other cities, personalized delivery can be booked with additional shipping charges.

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